Crunch Tech is one of those gotta-read-about-it systems for sure! You know how things happen in three’s right? One company comes out with new technology and then all of a sudden two others also do the same thing seemingly independently of the first. This happens so often that there is actually a scientific name for it, “multiple independent discovery“, it’s a thing! We will get back to the multiple independent discovery a bit later, and you’ll soon see why. This Crunch Tech review will look closely at this new system that is based on, wait for it…. “Cap’n Crunch Theory”. Yep, it sounds pretty way-out-there, but stranger things have happened as we now have a ocean research vessel with the name “Boaty McBoatface“, even if it’s just the smaller independent underwater rover.

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Crunch Tech Scam?

So why aren’t I immediately shooting down this system in my Crunch Tech review? Well, for starters, the creators of this system, Daniel Avery and Rick Paulson are not claiming that their system has a 100% win rate, they’re not even claiming it has a 90% win rate. They say their system has a win rate of 85%, and that is definitely attainable.

Crunch Tech Scam or Crunch Tech Review?

They are also not saying you will become a millionaire overnight, or that their system will make you hundreds of thousands of dollars in just a week or two. They claim you can make $4,500 per week, and that is certainly do-able. The presenter of the “How I became a millionaire” program even states outright that it is a “wacky wild story” about how Rick Paulson and Daniel Avery got to create their system, and all of these things put together has given me enough to not just dismiss this system right off the bat.

Crunch Tech Software: Captain Crunch Craziness Or Clever?

This system is based on a close marriage between weather predicting software and trading forecasts, and if you think that sounds familiar, it is because you’re right. We have recently seen some other systems that are also based on the same type of merging of systems, and that’s where the “multiple independent discovery” comes into focus. When an idea is ripe, then it seems that somehow that concept is developed independently by different people. It’s almost as if the universe just works together to bring the idea to fruition!

When I first saw the Crunch Tech software, I immediately reached out to the guys at Binary Options Watchdog and Michael Freeman, because I wanted their take on how close this system was to the NEO2 system, which I’m sure you will be familiar with if you have read my blog before. To my surprise they all said that although they were initially hesitant, calling it the Crunch Tech scam, they quickly realized after testing the system thoroughly that it was actually legit. This was a bit of a shock to me, but they are fully backing it and once I looked into the Crunch Tech software claims, I came to the same conclusion. Their “captain crunch theory” actually looks like a good system!

Who Is Rick Paulson and Daniel Avery?

David Avery is the Co-Founder of the Crunch Tech software, and his background is in computer programming. Apart from being a Stanford graduate and all-round tech wizard, he also has an impressive financial background focusing on algorithmic trading, as well as Futures and Options, so he definitely has the right pedigree for this. His forte is in creating unique algo-trading solutions for various companies.

The other part of this dynamic Cap’n Crunch theory trading bot duo is Rick Paulson, and he’s also the CEO and Co-Founder of the Crunch Tech auto-trader. His particular expertise is a bit more unusual for a binary options fan, since his area of interest is rooted in weather prediction. He gained experience working for Planet IQ, where he focused on the technical aspects of upgrading systems and working on their satellites that do a whole bunch of technical stuff that I’m not really interested in, but he’s obviously an intelligent guy.

David Avery and Rick Paulson got together because Rick was getting frustrated with how it was almost impossible to constantly keep up to date with all of the algo-trading software and systems that constantly get released, so David, being the solutions guy, suggested that rather than trying to play catch-up all the time, they simply beat the system at it’s own game. That lead to the creation of their “Captain Crunch” theory and the rest is, as they say, history.

The Crunch Tech Software System

What drew me to the Crunch Tech app was that they did not make any crazy claims, even if their system, their “Crunch Tech Software” name and references to the “Cap’n Crunch” theory are sprinkled throughout their presentation. It just makes it more interesting and more colorful, and frankly, I actually like it!

Their claim of being able to make $89 per hour, which then translates to about $400 to $1,000 in a day is certainly within the realms of possibility. They’re not claiming that they will make you a millionaire in a day or two, and they have a win ratio of about 85%, which is very possible to achieve. If you think about it, that would translate to 8 to 9 winning trades for every 10 and that should be what you aim for in every system.

Just keep in mind that they talk about a 90 day trial period, and after that there will be a license fee of $790 per month, which is still reasonable and will give you ample time to test out the system. If after 90 days you find that you’re making enough money with it to warrant the license fee, then you can simply contact them and renew. In the meantime, you have a golden opportunity to test out this system for yourself. Remember that you will still need to fund the broker account that you will use, but that is separate from the license fee.

Crunch Tech Review results

What I also like about the software is that it actually shows you the assets. It gives you a strength indication and tells you if you should take a CALL or PUT (sell or buy), so you really don’t need to know a whole lot about trading to get started. Of course it will only be to your benefit to properly educate yourself, and there are ample resources on this site to help you with that.

As always, we urge you to not trade with money that you cannot afford to lose, and bear in mind that out of a 100 trades you can still get 15 losses in a row and still end up with an 85% win rate. This means that you won’t necessarily get 8 or 9 winning trades out of every ten, sometimes they might all be winners and other times not. The point is that over time, the win rate should end up at 85%, which is awesome!

Our recommendation is that you try it out!



  1. how do i access this site

    1. Author

      Hi Jack, you should be able to click on the button at the bottom of the review where it says “Official website” or something, and I’ll add a link higher up as well.

  2. Thank you very much for your Crunch Tech Review Sam, I was waiting to hear your testimonial about this software before my deposit. To be hones with you, NEO2 Software works really good, almost 79% of ITM in 2 months as you saw in the mail that I sent you few days ago. I’ll try this system and keep you update with my results.


    1. Author

      Really glad to hear that NEO2 is also working well for you, and I’m sure you will like the Crunch Tech trader too!

  3. Thank you for the review. How much to fund the broker account?, and is this system worldwide, as I live in Cyprus/.

    1. Author

      Hi Christine, it depends on the broker, but usually it’s $250. I know that some brokers start increasing it after awhile if the system is popular, but that doesn’t always happen.

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