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Copy Buffett Software: Watch 10 Sequential Trade Signals!

The Copy Buffett app has been performing amazingly well over the last couple of weeks! To show you what the signals look like, I took 10 sequential trades that I literally started the moment I logged in to the Copy Buffett software site. This update shows you the results, winners and losers of the recorded session.

UPDATE: 29 January 2017 – This offer is no longer available and is fully subscribed with no further signups being accepted. Please take a look at our other top-performing systems.

I decided to monitor the accuracy of the trading signals over the 10 minutes that the signals stay valid for, because doing it this way means that everyone can follow along and see the initial entry, as well as the results as it is charted on the signal platform. Each broker has different expiry times, and not all assets are always available, therefore testing the signals visually where everyone can see the end result was the method I decided to use.

Follow Along With The Sequential Trading Signals!

Here is the full video of the trading signals, and right below it is a step-through of each of the signals as they happened and how they ended up.

I apologize in advance for the very long list of images that follow, but it should be easy to read, since I turned it into a PowerPoint presentation (ask me for it if you want it). The first trading signal I missed the starting point due to some finger trouble on my part with the video, but you will see that it ended well in to ITM territory for this USDCAD trade.

The second trading signal was for the EURUSD, and just by looking at the chart, I had my doubts that it would be heading down in the next 10 minutes. However, the idea was to follow 10 sequential trading signals provided by the Copy Buffett software, so that’s what I did.

As I predicted, the signal for a PUT was inaccurate, and if you had taken this trade, it would have been a loss.

The third trading signal for EURJPY looked a lot better, you can see that overall it appears that the market turned and that it was heading up, just as the signal indicated.

This ended up as a winner, with a very healthy up trend giving us a solid win.

When I saw this NASDAQ signal I was a bit worried, there was a strong down trend, and although the NASDAQ started to move up, it was a short, sharp move that almost immediately had a bit of a pull-back, indicating a possible resistance level.

This trading signal ended in a nail-biting win at the very last moment! The great thing about binary options trading is that even a 1 micro-pip win is still a big win!

Next up is a GBPUSD trading signal, and the software indicated that the market is expected to move up, so it’s a Call.

10 Minutes later and you can see that we’re ITM!!! The GBPUSD initially dipped, but then rocketed up in a beautiful 5 five move, making this a definite winner!

This NZDUSD Call trading signal had me worried, it was a Call at the end of a long down trend, and normally I would have liked to at least see some confirmation that price was going to do a bounce before entering the market.

The market did do a bounce, and then rocketed up, making this NZDUSD trading signal our 6th winner!

Our 7th trading signal with Copy Buffett was a Put for the GBPUSD pair, and it looked good on the charts, since there appeared to be resistance levels just above the entry level where it spiked.

Unfortunately this trade ended in a loss, but overall it actually was a good signal, the market just didn’t play along.

Next up is a trading signal on Silver. We can see that the market had spiked up and I was fairly confident that it was going to continue moving up, due to the support level I could see building up below the signal level.

As expected, and also predicted by the Copy Buffett software, the price of Silver rocketed up over the next ten minutes and ended well in ITM territory!

The 9th trading signal is for the AUDUSD, which is actually one of my favorites since there are times that it moves very predictably. The way in which the currency had peaked and subsequently bobbed around told me that it was weak and that there was a good chance the PUT signal would be accurate.

Just 10 minutes later, it was clear that the Copy Buffett software had once again picked a winner, making it 7 winners and only 2 OTMs (Out The Money = Loss).

Our last trading signal was for the USDCAD, and it was a clear ITM right from the start, delivering an 80% ITM rate over 10 trading signals!

Bonus signal! After the 10th signal, there was actually one more in the background for Oil, which I mention in the video. Here it is below, and if you look at the USDCAD chart, you will see that the signal came directly after the USDCAD trade expired.

If you take a look at the chart below, you will see that the trading signal to PUT on Oil was spot-on!


Additional Bonus 5 Trades!

I did another 5 sequential trades earlier today with amazing results!!! I actually meant to post it earlier, but here they are now! This shows an extra five sequential trades with 4 winners out of 5 for another 80% win rate! Now before someone asks me why I didn’t do another full 10, or 50 or 100, or 1,000 signals, I must make it clear that capturing the signals with a screen capturing tool, resizing them, uploading and commenting on them all takes a lot more time than you might think. If I stopped at 6, 7 or 8 it also wouldn’t have worked, and I didn’t have time to do another 10, so I just stopped at 5, okay.

I honestly don’t know of any other auto signal service review that has provided this many signal results that are sequential and that shows the entry and expiry levels! On top of this, we’ve been receiving multiple reports of users getting these type of results themselves as well!

Just today I heard of a report from a recent subscriber that got 13 winning trades out of 15 in a single day – today! He had gotten 3 auto-trading signals with a setting of 95% strength, which all ended up as ITMs. He then proceeded to take an additional 12 signals manually based on the “hot signals” giving him a win rate of 87%!

Without further ado, here are the signals and results for the extra 5 consecutive trading signals I followed today.

EURJPY at 18:20 GMT:

This was a Put, and as you can see from the chart below, it was close, but ended in ITM territory!

GBPJPY at 18:30 GMT:

This GBPJPY trade also ended solidly in winning territory!

FACEBOOK at 18:40 GMT:

This Facebook Put trade was also spot-on!

GOLD at 18:50 GMT:

This Call signal for Gold was a loss, but take a look at the chart analysis below.

I was very confident that this Gold signal provided by the Copy Buffett software would end up being accurate, but a bit later than the 10 minute trading window. So, I made the following prediction on my chart. You will see that I marked where the resistance line was located, but I knew it would break past it after the 4th touch since it was preceded by a strong move upwards. This meant that there was a strong possibility that the resistance would not be able to contain the upward push, and that the signal prediction was in fact correct.

As you can clearly tell from the chart below, it was absolutely correct, the Gold price moved right into the target area until it met the next resistance level in the form of a pivot point line.

5th Signal was GOOGLE at 19:00 GMT:

Google was sitting close to support, so it made sense that price would be moving upward, and that’s exactly what happened! This gave us another 80% win rate, for a second confirmation of the accuracy of the Copy Buffett software!


Hopefully this has shown you how powerful this software is, and if I have piqued your interest enough that you want to check it out for yourself, then you’re welcome to click on the banner below and see what the deal is.

Next Steps To Take:

Once you’ve clicked the banner, you will be brought to the Copy Buffett web site, where you can either play the video presentation video, or disregard it if you already viewed it in my earlier review. The second thing you will have to do is to complete your name and email.

You should next see a panel open on the right, it will already have your name and email filled in. All you need to do now is to enter your last name, your phone number and you need to pick a password. Make certain you don’t lose that password! If you enter a different email and name here, things might get mixed up, so stick with what you entered previously. It’s important that you use your actual name and a good email here, since all that will be relayed to the broker.

The broker will need to have your correct details, otherwise it will create issues later down the line when you wish to withdraw your cash. After the spinning waiting wheel completed doing its job, you will see the funding page for your broker. This form will already have the info you typed in earlier automatically duplicated over. It is essential that you do not change your name or email at this point, since it will most definitely cause issues with syncing your broker account with Copy Buffett.

The next step will be to fund your account, and this can be as uncomplicated as choosing the option to fund your account with your credit card or you can chat to a broker agent if you like. I prefer just simply using the credit card form they present on the broker site.

Immediately after you have entered your info here and funded your account, you will be ready to go! Understand that some brokers might need to verify your information before you start trading, but others allow you to complete that afterwards. In any case, it is vital that you verify your information with the broker, since not finishing this step is the most significant source of support calls later.

So as to protect you and to adhere to regulations, all brokers will ask you for some form of visual identification, like your driver’s license, as well as the last 4 digits of your credit card, and verification of residency. This is common practice and you should expect to get requested for this kind of documentation. You should note that they should permit you to blur or block out your driver’s license number and the first digits of your credit card.

Remember to never risk money trading that you cannot afford to lose. If you’re completely new to Binary Options trading, it might be a good idea for you to first familiarize yourself with how Binary Options work, by signing up for a completely free demo account. You can do that through TradeThunder.

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