Global economies continue to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, with likely impacts on portfolios. Michael talks about ways to invest in the energy transition. We’ve read the headlines. Extreme weather events from wildfire to floods are forcing governments and companies around the world to consider climate-related risks as they plan forRead More →

So much winning! Global equity markets are pushing higher, and many are at all-time highs. Chinese equities and the yuan are perking up. The threat of tariff wars is receding. Industrial commodity prices are turning up. Housing starts in the US are soaring. Consumer confidence is high. Financial market fundamentalsRead More →

In “Mean Reversion + Valuation = Opportunity,” I discussed the case for caution, reversion to the mean, and a review of asset class valuations. The findings signaled potential opportunities within 11 equity asset classes. I also discussed why I think gold is an essential core portfolio component. That article ledRead More →

By Riham Alkousaa BERLIN (Reuters) – Around 250 Germans on Saturday protested in the outskirts of Berlin where electric car startup Tesla (NASDAQ:) is planning to build a gigafactory, saying its construction will endanger water supply and wildlife in the area. The U.S. carmaker announced plans last November to buildRead More →

The recent killing of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani by the U.S. and the subsequent Iranian attack on Iraqi military bases housing U.S. soldiers have once again brought geopolitical risks to the forefront of oil markets. Given the global oil market has been in a deficit and nearly all spare capacityRead More →