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Bitcoin has certainly seen quite a drop in value recently, going from close to $8,000 on November 8th 2017, all the way to below $6,000 over the following weekend. Is this the end of Bitcoin? Should you switch over to Bitcoin Cash? Do you even know about Bitcoin Cash orRead More →

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The Non-Farm Payroll (NFP) report can be one of the most profitable strategies for traders, if you follow a few essential tips. The Non-Farm Payroll report reflects the change in the number of employees in the US economy. What this means is that there is a strong correlation between higherRead More →

Bullish University is, well, bull… in our opinion. Firstly, we’re all for educating yourself about trading. We say that not only in our articles and videos, but most of you that have sent us emails will know that we always emphasize that learning more about binary options trading and manual trading is theRead More →

Impact of Brexit Vote on Forex and Binary Options Trading The Brexit Referendum has caused waves in the Forex trading community. There are a lot of traders out there that are not certain about what the impact of the Brexit vote will be on their trading, and I’m sure thereRead More →

IMPORTANT SCAM ALERT: I’ve received a number of complaints from people that get phoned by so-called Binary Options brokers that ask people for their credit card details, to ‘help’ them sign up for trading systems. You do not need to speak to someone over the phone to fund your tradingRead More →

This Binary Options Watch Dog review is about this website:, one of the most respected Binary Options blogs that you will find anywhere. We will answer your questions such as, can the Binary Watch Dog be trusted, is the advice they give legit? Why is it one of theRead More →

The trading world has recently started buzzing about Binary Options. Forex trading, on the other hand, has been around for quite some time. The Forex market size is estimated at an incredible three trillion dollars in daily trades. When compared to binary options, Forex is the grand-daddy and binary optionsRead More →

There is a terrible Michael Freeman Nigerian scam doing the rounds that you need to be aware of! The Michael Freeman scam centers around him trading on your behalf. This is how you identify the real Mike from the fake Michael Freeman Nigerian scam, the real Michael Freeman will NEVERRead More →