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Cash Camp Scam or Just Cash Camp Review? Let’s See!!!

I’ve been wanting to see if it’s a Cash Camp scam or just a regular Cash Camp review we’re dealing with here for some months now. The “white version” is the particularly sought after version that I’ve heard a lot about, and I’m particularly stoked to let you know that I’ve procured access to it after negotiating a deal directly with the developer!

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Cash Camp Review Update: October – November 2015: Many of you wanted to see some Cash Camp results, so here it is! I did all of these trades on the “manual” setting, and only took the trade if both the regular signal and the “social” signal agrees. So if you look at the image below, both have very high confidence signals with 85% and 95%. However, because the NZD/USD social signal is 71% Blue, while the arrow indicating the signal is Red, I wouldn’t take the NZD/USD trade. The COFFEE trade looks good though, both are pointing in the same direction, makes sense right? If you follow these instructions, your Cash Camp results should be just as good as mine.

The “social signal” is an indication of trades that people have taken, so it gives you an idea of what other people think the asset is going to do. Combining that with the regular signals have given me a 90% win rate over the last 10 trades! One was a tie, so it doesn’t really count. I’m very impressed with the Cash Camp results!!!

Here’s another update with additional trading results.

I’ve also been getting more emails from people asking about how exactly I’m taking the signals, so here is the CashCamp signals page marked up with the trades that I would take compared to the ones I would not take.

In this example there’s only one, but you will often find almost all of them on the top row align up. So in this example, I would only trade the Facebook signal. I hope this makes sense, if it doesn’t, just go through it again. 🙂

Michael Solovsky is the man with the golden voice for Cash Camp software video, and quite refreshingly, I couldn’t find his face on the regular photo model or Fiverr.com fake testimonial actor sites. I must admit, I fully expected this guy’s face to pop up on all sorts of sites. I’m not saying I’m convinced yet. But at least it’s a lot more fun when the whole presentation for something like this Cash Camp review does not fall apart with the main presenter turning out to be a $5 actor! Well done Cash Camp!

If your curiosity is getting the best of you, you can take a quick peek at the official Cash-Camp.net site

Cash Camp Review Summary

Basically the Cash Camp system aligns up with all of the top Binary Options software we have seen thus far. It appears that even the top and trusted systems often use actors here and there to polish up their presentation, but it should not be pervasive and spiral into completely fake testimonials. Marketing-wise using attractive actors probably isn’t all that bad, as long as the claims are at least substantiated by real results. For the most part, developers and business owners do not necessarily have a lot of camera appeal, we get that.

The difference is in the Cash Camp results, which this software more than delivers on!

The Cash Camp App Has The Blessing Of The Binary Options Watchdog

We were also pleasantly surprised to find that the Cash Camp software is endorsed by the Binary Options Watchdog, as well as by people such as Keith Wareing from OptionXE, and Louis from TrustedBinaryReviews. Both of these gentlemen have proven that the Cash Camp app delivers on its promises by producing substantial live-trading profits for them over a period of more than a week. I believe both of them are also now making Cash Camp part of their daily trading. This should tell you a lot about what the Cash Camp software is capable of!

Long Trading History Of The Cash Camp Software and Michael Solovsky

We are introduced to Michael Solovsky as a veteran trader that has made over $1.3 Million in the past, and although we could not directly verify this, he certainly looks the part.

It is also very good to hear that the basis for the Cash Camp software dates all the way back to 1999! This tells us that it has been proven over time to be stable in all market conditions and that the strategies it uses to produce trading signals can effectively be adjusted and refreshed as necessary to remain optimal.

The fact that the Cash Camp software was not just created, and then left to become outdated is highlighted in Michael Solovsky’s presentation. Of course they could just be making it all up. If they did, people would have complained on forums where comments cannot be easily moderated. However, we have not found complaints where people are saying that the Cash Camp software is outdated or no longer producing good profits – quite the contrary! We’ve only been reading good things about it.


In preparing for this review, I read a number of other blogs, and I particularly focused on the user comments. What I normally look for are reading between-the-lines type remarks that indicate the software is not really functioning as it should. All I’ve found for the Cash Camp software are people saying that the Cash Camp results are amazing and that they’re making hundreds of dollars per day.

Some of them were complaining that they weren’t making thousands of dollars per day, but that’s not always realistic, especially when you’re a newbie trader. Making a couple hundred dollars per day is pretty awesome, no matter how you look at it! If the Cash Camp app can help you do that, then it’s doing a great job and delivering consistently!

Cash Camp App Performance

We’ve seen numerous reports of users posting their positive results. More than that, as I mentioned previously, we have the live results of two respected Binary Options blogs, that have literally made thousands of dollars each with the Cash Camp software over the course of a week or two.

I’ve also posted my results from my first couple of trades, and as you’ve seen in my trading results above, my Cash Camp results confirms what everyone is saying! The Cash Camp software is delivering on its promises!

Here are the candid results from some of the Cash Camp software users:

The Cash Camp Software Trading Platform

Even though I’m still skeptical, I must admit that the layout and design of the Cash Camp software looks very professional. It looks like a system that will let both Binary Options newbie traders as well as trading veterans feel right at home.

During the presentation Michael Solovsky points out more than once, that it is possible to let the Cash Camp system trade completely automated. Alternatively, you can simply pick the trades you want to take manually, by looking at the recommended trades and then executing them in a simple two-click process. For the “White version” you will have to execute the trades at your broker, which is very simple to do as well. This inherent simplicity in trading Binary Options is one of the main reasons that I switched over from traditional Forex trading to Binary Options. It’s not only a lot simpler, meaning that you can take action on market moves faster and easier, you also do not have to worry about sudden market spikes. The Cash Camp interface just makes it even easier to pick winning trades.

This actually forms part of what the Cash Camp system presentation identifies as “Obstacle 1”. People lose money trading because they lack knowledge. They fail because they do not have enough free time to dedicate it to trading properly. They do not correctly identify risks vs rewards, and they often make errors in judgement about what and when to trade. From what Cash Camp tells us, all of this is addressed in their software and support system.

The second obstacle that the Cash Camp team aims to overcome is the fact that traders often lack the confidence to constantly put themselves out there and actually trade. This is often due to a lack of a proper support system. Here I must once again admit that I did not expect a system like this to care enough about their users, to set up a support system where traders can communicate and support each other. Well done yet again Cash Camp!

I also did not see this coming. The third obstacle that the developers of the Cash Camp software identified, was that traders often lack the dedication required to make a success of their trading. The solution that Cash Camp came up with was to host 10 day trading competitions where you can win up to $10,000! So on top of your winnings just from trading with the system, you can also compete against other traders for $10,000!

Cash Camp Review Conclusion

There are some things that I do not like about the Cash Camp software. I feel that they could really have done their marketing without the one of two Fiverr actors that probably filled in some gaps for real people that were camera-shy. I also feel that they are probably overstating their 97% win rate – that’s practically impossible to sustain over a long period of time. Something like 80% or 85% is very do-able, but 97% is a bit high. Please do not let this discourage you though, you can make a ton of money with Binary Options with any result above 70%, which should be well within the capabilities of the Cash Camp software.

I really do like the fact that after the first initial 30 days of fee use of the Cash Camp system, you switch over to a revenue share model, where the creators of the Cash Camp software gets 10% of your winnings. It really is only fair, and it means that you get a system that is constantly updated to perform optimally. This is because the developer now has a vested interest in maintaining the profitability of the software.

I also like the fact that there are no claims of making you an overnight millionaire, all of the results are achievable. Overall, reading back on my notes, it pretty much sounds like I have convinced myself that this is not a scam, so that’s how I will conclude this review.

As I mentioned earlier, there appears to be a lot of talk on forums and comments about the “white version” of the Cash Camp software being the best, but this version is not available everywhere. However, as I said during the introduction, I’ve communicated with the developer today, and if you click

You will get direct access to the sought-after “white version” of the Cash Camp system! 🙂

If you prefer the “black version” shown in the video demo, then click


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