A candidate for the Wisconsin Legislature has challenged state regulators by accepting contributions from cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC).

Phil Anderson, a real estate broker and entrepreneur, is now accepting cryptocurrency donations for his legislative campaign. According to Anderson’s official statement, cryptocurrency donations can be made through BitPay, a major cryptocurrency payment service provider.

Anderson said his campaign is still accepting cryptocurrency donations despite regulatory uncertainty at the Wisconsin Ethics Commission.

Back in 2018, Anderson accepted bitcoin donations during his campaign for Wisconsin governor, even though the WEC considered them a “serious challenge” to compliance with state law. According to the candidate, the WEC failed to reach a decision on the legal status of crypto donations in the state in 2018.

As a result, the Wisconsin congressional candidate is once again challenging the regulator, arguing that the WEC “refuses to interpret its own rules competently.” Anderson argued that crypto is a legitimate form of campaign contribution because “cryptocurrency is money. The candidate promised to “push for laws that are cryptocurrency-friendly in Wisconsin.”

“I refuse to give in to ignorance and bureaucratic incompetence. […] People can choose how they want to contribute, and I intend to respect those choices. If my opponent or the ethics committee is interested in challenging me, I’m ready to fight,” he said.

Political candidates for several U.S. offices have already accepted cryptocurrency as campaign contributions. Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang is accepting Bitcoin donations for his political action committee in 2019, and in August, Republican Congressman Tom Emmer also began accepting cryptocurrency campaign contributions via BitPay.

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