Bullish University or Is It Bull… University? 1/5 (2)

Bullish University is, well, bull… in our opinion. Firstly, we’re all for educating yourself about trading. We say that not only in our articles and videos, but most of you that have sent us emails will know that we always emphasize that learning more about binary options trading and manual trading is the best route. So in no way are we against something like a trading “university”, the problem is that Bullish University is not a university. And if it is, then my opinion is that it is more of the ITT variety than anything else.

There is nothing on the Bullish University site that shows any type of credentials, and in many countries it is not even legal to refer to your institution (or website) as a “university” without the proper accreditation. Right off the bat this should tell you a lot about what these guys are trying to do. By using the word “university” in their name, they are trying to make you believe that they are reputable, established and well-known.

Bullish University Background

The fact is, their domain name was only registered in July 2016!

Bullish University domain registered

That immediately tells us that something else is going on here… It makes this offer of education sound a lot like all the other scams that we so frequently debunk that rely on exactly the same type of tactics don’t you think?

The targets they are after here are obviously people that have just started out trading binary options, and that don’t know that they are brand new and that the owner of the Bullish University was previously part of successful auto traders like OptionBot, OptionBot2, XETrader and TrendXPert. Nothing wrong with that, but if you dig a bit deeper or if you know the history you will know that Ben Newman was previously part of another organization. Ever since that breakup Ben Newman has been trying to go it alone, but obviously things are not quite the same anymore.

Why are the Testimonials a Year Old When the Site is Only 2 Months Old?

So if you look at the Who.is information above, you can see that the Bullish University domain is brand new, and yet, when it comes to the testimonials that are listed on their site, they are all over a year old!

old testimonials

There is nothing wrong with that in principle, it could actually be a good thing if you can show consistent results over many months. The problem comes in when you do not have any other recent testimonials. Even if there were just a handful that were 3 months old, I could have understood that, but the fact that they are all more than 12 months old tells me that they were listed there purely to make people believe that the performance is still the same, even though there are no recent testimonials.

If those are all old, then what does it say about the other “Facebook” comments that are listed on the Bullish University site without any date information? In my opinion, I think they are all old. You can make up your own mind…

I noticed something else on their trading results. Maybe I’m misinterpreting this, but from what I can tell it shows a Facebook post dated the 9th of August, but somehow it includes trades dated the 11th of August? How does that work? If they somehow teach you how to make profitable trades 2 days in advance, that would be a great trick!

Bullish University trading results

Fiverr Actor?

Besides the claims I’ve heard about people not really getting much benefit from the training after paying for it, on top of funding their broker accounts, there’s one last thing I’d like to bring to your attention. Once you submit your email to sign up for the service, there is a Fiverr $5 actor that pops up on the Bullish University website to talk about your “fit” with the program.

Bullish University fit Fiverr actor

The whole thing is obviously designed to get you to sign up for their “university” training course, but here the problem is that the person in the presentation video is an actor that anyone can hire for $5 on the jobs-for-hire site Fiverr.com. You can see his profile page below.

Fiverr actor

How much credibility does that add to their offer? If they are in fact a “university” with a good training track record, why don’t they simply use some of their own students? Wouldn’t that have been much better than hiring an actor for $5? Don’t they have students that are willing to tell about their experiences or that have done well enough with their program?

Final Thoughts on the Bullish University Bull

What we have seen about this offer is that the testimonials they list on their website are all over a year old, but at the same time, the site has only been in existence for 2 months. In addition, there is no clear indication about what their pricing model is. Most likely, you will get quoted whatever they think you can afford, because when you click on the “FAQ” button on their site to get pricing information, you are greeted with a box to fill out your name and email.

Bullish University pricing

After you have given them your email, you still do not get their pricing details. You are required to first answer some questions about yourself and I simply did not bother to go through that step, hand over my phone number and have them pester me.

Better Alternative

I’d like to reward you for reading through the whole write-up all the way down to this last section. So what if I told you that you could get a great earn-as-you-learn training and trading experience along with a group of close to 10,000 other traders. That there are a group of dedicated and professional traders (not just one person) that not only will give you trading signals, but also train you how they do it all?

What if those trading admins have verifiable results that are consistently in the 80% ITM (winning) rate and often over 85% and you can follow along with their successful trades! What if I tell you that this secret trading group is so successful that people often don’t believe me when I tell them it exists, but it does!

Compared to the Bullish University crap, how much would you be willing to pay for that? How about ZERO! Nothing, completely FREE! All you need to do is to pass on the goodwill by donating $25 to ANY charity of YOUR choice! I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a darn good deal!

Trade easy!

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