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Where Is Gold Heading In 2017 And What Does That Mean For The Dollar And You?

It is no secret that the global economy relies heavily on the American economy. The United States being the world superpower has the ability to influence financial markets and policies in various parts of the world stable. Being in this position obviously comes with a lot of privileges but with great power comes a lot of responsibilities as well. The US dollar is the most used currency in the world. This has been the case for many decades now. The dominance and widespread acceptance of the US dollar has turned this single currency into the so called global currency that is used to facilitate money transaction all over the world.

The US dollar is the preferred reserve currency for central banks in most countries in the world today. Large economy countries such as China, Russia and Brazil carry out most of their day to day financial transactions using the US dollar instead of their own respective home currencies. This is clear sign of the enormous weight the dollar has in our world today. Now, with this in mind, imagine a world where the US dollar was not the globally accepted currency or mode of payment. Imagine a world where another currency would overtake the influence of the US dollar to become the currency that central banks from all over the world use for their monetary reserves. Would you be ready for such an event and the impact it would have on your daily life? Would you be prepared?

On April 21st 2017, an ex CIA Insider by the name Jim Rickards has predicted that there will be a major trigger event that he says will essentially make the American economy crumble to its knees. Think it’s just some other hoax or one of those conspiracy theories you find circulating on the internet? Well, Jim Rickards from Agora Financial has made some predictions like this in the past. The question about whether he is right or wrong is more pertinent to how you would survive if he was right. If he’s wrong, then great, we just carry on, but don’t you think you owe it to yourself to at least find out what you can do to help yourself?

What If He’s Right?

Jim Rickards, the man behind this remarkable prediction is a very well-known US citizen who has spent over 43 years studying a wide range of financial events in various parts of the world. Jim has worked as an Attorney and as a risk analyst on Wall Street. Jim has written two New York Times best sellers namely “Currency Wars” in 2011 and “The Death of Money” in 2014. He is one of the few people in the world who is best placed and qualified to predict such a major financial event that can have a significant effect on both the American economy and the global economy as well.

Jim foresees a trigger event that will lead to central banks switching their reserve currency from the US dollar to a new ‘world currency’. This will have a major effect on stock markets in the US and other parts of the world as well. This financial event will end the reign of the US dollar as the globally accepted currency. If that happens, the US dollar could become less powerful and would drastically reduce in value. How would that affect you? This would have a ripple effect on the American economy and the US citizens will be worst hit. Inflation would come first and then increased taxation will follow.

Fortunately, Jim Rickards has foreseen this financial meltdown and has come up with ways for Americans to mitigate their losses when the day finally comes. As mentioned above, this financial event is already in the pipeline according to Jim Rickards and his Agora Financial report says that it cannot be avoided. The only solution for investors and ordinary citizens who want to keep their hard-earned wealth is to be smart about the whole situation.

In this special financial crisis solution, Jim takes people through how to prepare for what is to come in the days following the subject event. He highlights specific steps that investors and ordinary people can take to safeguard their wealth.

The April 21st event is going to cause a huge slide for the US dollar according to Jim Rickards. Anyone holding huge amounts of US dollars in their savings accounts or in form of stocks or other forms of currency will be rushing to dump them as soon as this event becomes a reality. Those that will have prepared for this event will be safe and secure from incurring any losses or economic inconveniences. There will event be some smart individuals who will make use of the financial demise of the US dollar to their advantage.

Will You Be One Of The Smart Ones?

Jim Rickards wealth of financial resources and advice aims at helping as many people as possible to safeguard themselves and the people they care about. In this offer, Jim includes a simple formula on how to switch your economic power from the uncertain US dollar to gold. The bull market for gold is here with us. The financial elite in our society are already predicting the said event and they have started to do what any smart person in the financial industry would do which is to stock up on as much gold as possible. Jim’s offer guides investors on how to purchase gold and where to store the gold once it is their possession.

So Where Is Gold Heading?

I’ve been running a forecast of the gold price to predict where it will be heading in 2017. Thus far my analysis has been absolutely spot-on, even predicting correctly that gold would touch the $1,180 level after reaching as high as $1,220 – which I also predicted correctly.

gold price prediction 2017 scenario #2
Watch the video below!

Here’s a link to the resource mentioned in the video: Red Alert Report

My analysis is telling me that gold will be heading higher from this point onward, practically until the end of the year. Now this doesn’t mean it will travel in a straight line, that’s just now how the market works. I’m very certain that gold is heading higher though, reaching to at least $1,375 before the end of the year.

So that’s the outlook from a technical chart analysis point of view. The question is what are you going to do about it? I’m not a financial adviser, so I am not going to try and give you any financial advice. What I do want to do is to make you aware of the possibilities, so that you are not blindsided.

Jim Rickards’ advice is that ditching the dollar and loading up on gold before gold prices sky rockets to the roof is the best way to remain untouched by the upcoming event. According to Jim, gold prices will be unbelievable after the April 21st event. Many people will be looking to stock up on gold but there will be very limited supply in the market. Available gold bars will be sold for exuberant prices.

Staying ahead in terms of the financial markets will also be necessary if you do not want to make huge losses in the stock markets. Jim Rickard’s offer explains in details which stocks to ditch before the trigger and which stocks to bet on before the event takes place. Subscribing to this amazing offer will grant you a one year and supply of up to date financial information, resources such as eBooks as well as invaluable advice in the months to come.

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You are free to choose if Jim Rickards is right or wrong about his prediction. This is just an opportunity to hedge your bets so to speak if he is in fact right about this.

That’s why it makes sense logically to find out what he has to say, and what you can do to protect your own interests.

If that makes sense to your too, click on the link below to hear what he has to say.

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