The “Binary Pot of Gold” system from the Tanaka Cargill Group has literally blown up our inbox over the weekend! Everyone seems to be clamoring to find out more about James Tanaka and Russell Cargill. The moment there is this much action surrounding a new system, you just know that a lot of people will be signing up for it. The question is then whether it is a good system or not? Will the Binary Pot of Gold live up to its name, or is it all just bogus? If you want to know if the Binary Pot of Gold software is legit, this is the review to read.

Mike Treadwell of Binary Pot of Gold

Tanaka Cargill Group Pot of Gold Review Summary

Annoying Browser Pop-Ups: Yes
Fake Scarcity Counter: No (but very limited seats)
Paid Actor Testimonials: Not from what we can tell
Impossible Revenue Gains: No
Comes Across As Authentic: Mostly
Convincing Proof of Profits: No
Possibility of Being Legit: 65%
Price: Free. Have to sign up with one of their brokers.
Auto-trading Available: Yes
Available In: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States

Mike Treadwell of Binary Pot of Gold – Actor or Real?

The website is fairly bare bones and all you really get to see on it is the presentation video. What I do find refreshing is that there were no countdown timers. There is also no mention of people making millions in just a few days and no hyped testimonial videos with fake bank accounts. What this tells me is that even if Mike Treadwell is just a spokesperson, I couldn’t find him on Fiverr. For those of you that might not have read some of our orchid previous articles, Fiverr is a job site where you can hire actors for as little as $5 to say whatever you want on camera.

Tanaka Cargill Group Software

The fact that there are no actors as far as we can tell is a good sign for the Tanaka Cargill Group software. The Binary Pot of Gold name is very intriguing, but we are never told much about it. We are simply told that these two wealthy individuals decided to give the “little guy” a chance at true riches. Exactly what their motivation truly is remains a mystery. On the other hand it is true that someone like Warren Buffett gives away the majority of his income, so there are some very rich people out there that are altruistic. If the identities of James Tanaka and Russell Cargill are true then it could be entirely possible that they simply wanted to do some good in the world.

Quick note before we continue: Unlike fraud sites that do not divulge this, we would love to point out something. Irrespective of which web link or site you utilize to sign up for this service, someone might get a commission. That includes links on this website. Our subscribe links can be relied on, since they secured by SSL HTTPS protection, so you can be sure of the origin.

We get bombarded with all sorts of promises and systems that will supposedly turn you into a millionaire in just a few weeks, and sometimes it becomes tough to find something that will truly deliver. Ironically I’ve found that often it is the systems that are not necessarily the most polished that eventually turns out to be the best long-term performers. It is that true for the Binary Pot of Gold system created by the Tanaka Cargill group? I must be honest and say that I don’t know yet. On the other hand, they do not come across immediately as a scam, since they don’t do a hard sell with tons of fake badges that are supposed to make you trust them. The website also does not have a bunch of fake user testimonials, so there are certainly elements to this system that make it more trustworthy than some other offers.

Binary Pot of Gold Final Thoughts

The best way to test this software might be to simply test it for yourself. Remember to not risk money trading binary options that you cannot afford to lose, it’s just not worth it. Despite the very little information that is available on this Tanaka Cargill Group software, we have actually heard some good preliminary feedback about it.

The fact that they offer very few seats might even be an indication that this is just a test site that will later be replaced by a more elaborate site and that this offer truly is only available to a small number of people. You basically will have to decide if you’re okay to let this one pass you by, or if you’re willing to take the plunge and see where it takes you.