Binary Options Watch Dog Blog – Scam?

This Binary Options Watch Dog review is about this website:, one of the most respected Binary Options blogs that you will find anywhere. We will answer your questions such as, can the Binary Watch Dog be trusted, is the advice they give legit? Why is it one of the top binary options websites? What about the reviews of binary options systems that the Binary Options Watch Dog does, can they be trusted?

My interest in Binary Options started after I looked for something better than traditional Forex trading. I started looking around and stumbled upon Binary Options, which sounded perfect! I could trade without the fear of being taken out by a stoploss, and I could manage my risk by determining how long a trend is likely to continue, versus how far it will move away from my entry point. This was revolutionary to me, and it meant that I no longer had to worry about placing a Forex trade and dreading that I would get stopped out over night while I was sleeping.

There was one catch though, I soon found out that whereas with Forex there might be a lot of bogus MT4 indicators and EA’s, binary options had it’s own set of problems with scammy systems. I learnt this the hard way, so don’t take it personally if you got scammed too.

This lead me to investigate Binary Options more, because I could see the potential, but now I wasn’t a newbie anymore, and I needed more information. The more I searched online, the more one particular site kept on showing up: I started using it to check if binary options systems I found online were scams or not, and it really helped a lot! The Binary Options Watch Dog saved me from wasting my money on a lot of fake systems! Thanks Binary Watch Dog, if you’re reading this!

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Is Binary Options Watch Dog Trusted?

This is what some of the loyal Binary Watch Dog subscribers have said about the blog:

“Thank you SO much for your website! Very helpful to those of us trying to sift through reputable vs. irreputable binary brokers.” – Andrea

“I just want to thank Watch dog and all the members on this blog for honest feedback. This is a true Watch Site and this industry is in urgent need for websites like this one, dedicated to assist traders and not manipulate them and spread lies! Good job WatchDog, your number one fan!” – Chad

“Thank you Binary Options Watch Dog for helping me find the reputable places to invest in! I have stayed away from the scams thanks to you guys. I really appreciate it, you guys have helped me know which ones are the scams and which ones are reputable and are good and not scams. Thank you Binary Options Watch Dog!” – M

“Thank You! Watch Dog for all the helpful information on binary trading websites. I have been doing some research about binary trading for a while now but I was getting ready to open an account when I said “something is not right” so I decided to do some research. I found out the website was a scam.” – Joe

There are many many more candid testimonials just like these, and you’re welcome to go fact-check me yourself to make sure I didn’t just make it all up. This is one site that is even respected by his enemies, purely because it has such a strong presence online, all of which is because people trust the Binary Watch Dog.

Can Reviews On The Binary Options Watch Dog Site Be Trusted?

I can hardly imagine any other blog with more reviews and more detailed binary options system reviews. I know exactly how much time goes into writing reviews – it takes hours – and the voluminous work put out by the guys at is simply phenomenal. Can the Binary Watch Dog reviews be trusted though?

There are a lot of sites out there that claim to do honest and unbiased Binary Options reviews, but a lot of them simply tell you that ALL binary options systems are scams, and that the only thing you should buy is their doggy day-care in-a-box system, or their think-to-grow-rich meditation training, or whatever else they have. They’re simply doing that because they are trying to steal traffic from binary options to their own crappy products. They don’t care a hoot about giving a proper review about any binary options system, so they’re useless.

The Binary Options Watch Dog on the other hand, looks at systems like Mike’s AutoTrader, and Dow Jones Focus Group with the eyes of a trader. But why is the site anonymous, why not reveal who the person behind it all is? The primary reason for that would be articles like this one about Binary Defender and a couple others that you can check for yourself. The Binary Options Watch Dog has had to dodge a number of personal threats in the last couple of months, because some times the scammers that get exposed resort to physical threats. Staying anonymous means staying safe, and that’s a smart move if you’re exposing some of the most ruthless scammers in the industry.

The Binary Options Watch Dog can be trusted, no doubt about that, and I say that from personal experience. I started this blog about reviewing Binary Options systems directly because of how much I was inspired by the Binary Watch Dog.

This article is simple a hat-tip and heartfelt thank-you to the Binary Options Watch Dog. Keep on exposing the scams Binary Watch Dog!

If you’re completely new to Binary Options trading, it might be a good idea for you to first familiarize yourself with how Binary Options work by signing up for a completely free demo account. TradeThunder is an excellent broker to start with, since they offer a completely free demo account! They also have very low starting balance requirements, so you could literally start trading Binary Options with as little as $20 in your account! Never trade with money that you cannot afford to lose.

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