Binary Options Scam Tips

IMPORTANT SCAM ALERT: I’ve received a number of complaints from people that get phoned by so-called Binary Options brokers that ask people for their credit card details, to ‘help’ them sign up for trading systems. You do not need to speak to someone over the phone to fund your trading account. Rather follow the account funding links on the broker’s site, it’s fast, easy and it should be 100% secure, with a green bar and HTTPS showing.

Unless you have phoned the broker yourself using a phone number on their site, how do you know it really is the broker at the other end of the phone line – you don’t!!! Also, don’t trust email links, you have no idea where that link really goes to, and they can make any site look like the original.

Only follow sign-up links on reputable blogs, and don’t give out your credit card details over the phone.

Binary Options Brokers Do Not Allow Auto-traders According To Their Terms And Conditions?

I get emailed about this a LOT, so let’s clear things up.

There is one particular blog that tries to scare people by saying that brokers do not allow automated trading according to their terms and conditions. Is that true? You’re welcome to contact those brokers yourself and what you will find is that those terms mean that you as an individual cannot just create your own automated system and basically “hack” it do to trades on their platform. You will find similar clauses for all brokers.

If a broker is offered inside a binary options auto-trader, it means that the broker requested to become part of it, and therefore it is allowed.

Pick the broker you are most comfortable with, don’t go for bonus offers because that’s what locks you up in a long-term contract that prevents you from withdrawing your money early, and remember that trading always carries risk. You should never risk money trading that you cannot afford to lose.