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Binary Option Club Review Scam Trade Copier?

Binary Option Club Trade Replicator or Scam Replicator?

This Binary Options Club software claims to be based on the trading signals of 6 traders, whose binary options trading signals you get to copy automatically.

These traders are apparently really really good at picking signals, so good in fact, that we are confident it’s all bogus. I’ll tell you why too.

Read this Binary Option Club review to see exactly why we say this system is a scam.

Who Is Paul Schafer of BinaryOptionClub.com?

This system is supposedly by Paul Schafer, but we never get to see his face, or really get to see anything about this man. He has no online profiles and there is no reference to any real company behind this binary options auto-trader.

Six Traders

We are told a lot about these supposedly professional traders that work for this free trade copying software. We are even told that they get a “small stipend on a monthly basis” for sharing their trades.

The Binary Option Club software is free, and they’re paying their six traders a salary each month, so where’s the money coming from?

Here are the six traders:

Why am I taking the time to list their biographies here?

Well, according to the Binary Option Club, these people form the heart of their system. These are the people whose trades you would be copying if you bought into their crap story.

Updated on November 20, 2018 - The issue is this:

None of these people can be discovered online. They are seemingly social media ghosts, without any trading videos and no digital footprints at all.

How is it possible that these individuals, and even a small company owner like a professional photographer, does not have any info or a site online?

It just is not possible. Their profiles are all fake.

So you need to ask yourself, if the people from the Binary Option Club scam went through all this effort to share with you all this information about their traders and none of them exist, can you count on this system?

I don’t believe so.

All of this was just carefully crafted to make their so-called trade copying system look like the real thing, when it is not.

Impossible 90% Accuracy

On top of all that, we are told more than once on the Binary Option Club website that Sarah, the housewife and mom of two, has a success rate of over 90%. That’s simply not possible. Not even the best traders can perform like that, the market is simply too unpredictable for that to be sustained.


In the image above you can see two examples of Sarah supposedly hitting a 92% and 90% accuracy average for the trading day. I can tell you with certainty that a performance rate like that is just not real.

What About Their Trading Examples?

If you have seen the Binary Option Club scam site, you would definitely have seen the very impressive trading history they parade in front of us.

They appear to have excellent results, until you start digging a bit deeper than the surface.

When I looked at their trades, I picked up on something.

They have more than just a few trades that occur outside of regular trading hours on a Friday night!

This is the type of error people make when they fabricate fake trading results. If they were real traders they would know that even though you can technically trade almost 24 hours each day, the reality is a bit different.

Late on Friday you will see almost no trading, and after 8 PM on a Friday night there’s nothing happening in the market.

This is because everyone closes down for the start of the weekend, it is a dead trading period.

Yet, the intrepid traders of the Binary Option Club appears to be doing a lot of trades exactly during this time.

The only explanation for this is that they’re making it up, it’s all bogus!

I strongly encourage you to not fall for their nonsense made-up stories and hope that this Binary Option Club review has revealed the truth about this scam!

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