Bill Maher, the outspoken host of HBO’s “Real Time,” has understandably never been a favorite of the right, and he didn’t exactly endear himself to his legions of haters with his latest slam of Middle America.

‘The flyover states have become the passed over states. That’s why red state voters are so pissed off. They don’t hate us, they want to be us. They want to go to the party. It’s like we’re the British royal family, and they’re Meghan Markle’s dad.’

That’s just a snippet from Maher’s closing segment on Friday’s “Real Time.” His lampooning of everywhere between the coasts went on for several minutes.

“The blue parts of America are having a big prosperity party, while that big sea of red feels like their invitation got lost in the mail. And they still use the mail,” he said. “They turn on the TV and all the shows take place in a few hip cities, there’s no ‘Real Housewives of Toledo’ or ‘CSI: Lubbock.’

Jokes aside, the overarching point of his bit was that Amazon

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 should have done its part to help revitalize areas of the country that could use a boost instead of choosing two already prosperous locales for HQ2.

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“Amazon picked two places that didn’t need them at all,” he said. “Bezos, you’re worth $130 billion, take one for the team. Stop playing cities off against one another and help a dying one come back to life.”

Maher argued that red states are “going to keep getting angrier and crazier” if they keep getting left behind. He envisioned what Amazon West Virginia would mean for that state’s population, for instance.

“People get better jobs that don’t give them black lung,” Maher quipped. “The locals meet people of different races and backgrounds and sexual orientations, none of whom kill them… Before you know it there’s legal weed and decent healthcare and the schools are teaching science again.”

Watch the full segment:

As expected, there was plenty of internet outrage over the weekend. Here’s just a taste of the social-media response:

A few voices, however, say his bashers are missing the bigger picture:

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