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Bear Bull Traders Review: Is Andrew Aziz a Scam?

Is Bear Bull Traders a Good Trading Community?

The first time I heard of Andrew Aziz was when Bear Bull Traders was known as Vancouver Traders back in 2016. At that time, I joined their day trading group and it was a very friendly and inviting community, just as it still is today. If Andew Aziz is a scam artist, then he’s somehow able to do it while trading live in a chatroom full of people, because I’ve seen him trade live, checking his charts to mine, and he makes really good money in the stock market almost every day.

Bear Bull Traders chat room video:

In fact, I was so impressed by this trading community that I became a lifetime member. The Bear Bull Traders chat room is very community oriented, they have many webinars and courses, and a lot of resources for new as well as experienced traders. Their main focus is on day trading stocks, focusing primarily on the first few hours of the trading day. However, they also have other moderators that stay on for trading throughout the day, as well as trade reviews that are really helpful. If you’re curious already, you can take a look at the Bear Bull Traders website here.


Andrew Aziz: Bear Bull Traders Review

Andrew Aziz has grown to be quite well known as a day trader. He has written two day trading books, which despite mostly very highly rated reviews, some people have given very low ratings. To find out if it really was good or not, I read it for myself (and you should too). I found it to be excellent, with a lot of examples and explanations of when and how trades are taken, money management and trading psychology. Most importantly, it is written by someone who day trades for a living, and you can watch him trading live in the Bear Bull Traders chat room every day.

Bear Bull Traders review Trading Room


Here’s another look at the Bear Bull Traders trading chat room on a different day:

Bear Bull Traders review trading chat room

As with a lot of book authors and internet personalities, Andrew Aziz is not his real name. I’ve seen some reviews that try to make a big deal out of that, but I don’t see the point. I’m not about to dox him either. It’s not uncommon to protect your identity on the internet, because it can be a very unfriendly place, and not everyone respects other people’s privacy, or the privacy of their family members. Frankly, I don’t care what his name or any Bear Bull Traders chat room moderator’s real names are as long as they help me trade better, which they certainly do, every day.


Bear Bull Traders Review: Community

BearBullTraders Review: What They Offer

Daily Trade Reviews

I’ve found this to be very powerful. Every day one of the moderators from Bear Bull Traders reviews trades and provides technical analysis and advice on trades other members took. This is a really powerful way to improve your strategies, indicators and overall trading.

Trading courses

They provide trading educational courses for every level of trader. From concepts for beginners, such as broker selection, to trading platform training and advanced strategies that they actually use in their trading chat room every day.

Bear Bull Traders Simulator

The Bear Bull Traders simulator allows you to “paper trade” without risking your money, what that means is that you get to practice trading, just like you’re trading for real, but with a demo account where you don’t lose your capital if you make mistakes. This is the perfect way to learn how to trade!

This is not your regular trading simulator though, because you also have the ability to do “replays” of the live market with the Bear Bull Traders simulator. They have used this feature in a very clever way, because you can get weekly practice sessions, where you can “play back” what happened, but with some additional guidance in the form of trading analysis that’s provided. This means that you won’t simply be blindly playing back what happened in the market, with the Bear Bull Traders simulator, you will truly learn how to trade by comparing what you did to the analysis that gives exact times during which you should have seen e.g. breakouts, reversals or trend continuations.

Here is an example of what the Bear Bull Traders simulator analysis looks like once you have selected a particular day to see what the experts saw in the market:

Date : Mon, August 24, 2020    Ticker :  INO
  • Breakouts (9:36, 10:30)
  • Reversals (9:42, 11:20, 14:45)
  • Trend continuation (10:50, 13:25)
Trade Analysis:

INO gapped down for a break of the descending triangle on the daily chart. In the premarket it mainly held below VWAP. Right at the open it kept trading around VWAP. At 9:36 it was set for 5-minute ORBD with the direction of the gap as it was close to VWAP and the first 5-minute candle was < than the daily ATR.
At 9:40 it got so extended from the 9EMA on the 5-minute chart forming three consecutive 5-minute candles. At the LOD it closed as a spinning bottom with increasing volume which made 9:42 candle good entry for a parabolic reversal with VWAP as first target and then 9EMA on the 5-minute chart.
Bouncing of the 9EMA on the 5-minute chart and making its way all the way to the LOD it started descending around $12.5 area. 10:30 was decent entry for a break of the LOD and a beginning of the downtrend.


Gap down of the descending triangle on the daily chart + increasing premarket volume

These are updated weekly, and is an excellent way for you to practice trading with a trading simulator, but still get guidance on what you should be looking out for in the market. This feature alone should help you become a more proficient trader much faster than simply trying to learn how to trade on your own.

Weekly Trading Webinars

BBT frequently invites industry veterans to the community to provide their perspectives and insights. With recent webinars covering topics such as “Finding your mental edge”, “Recovering from a series of losses”, “Green trader tax” and “Trading a single strategy”, that all help you to trade better.

Full-time High Performance Psychologists

Bear Bull Traders reviews the psychological needs of their traders, especially during stressful times such as these and tailor-make presentations to help you develop your trading edge. I have even seen one of the psychologists comment during a live trading sessions that a particular trader should be careful to not over-trade, based on the comments they made.

Regular Meetups

BBT hosts official and member-managed meetups around the world. Meetups are open to all that are interested and does not require you to be a member.

Experienced Moderators

A group of experienced mentors are available in the chatroom throughout the day with a variety of different trading styles to help you throughout your trading day.

It doesn’t matter what your trading style is, whether you prefer very fast paced trading, or you’re a trader that prefers slower longer term trades, or however you trade, you will fellow traders at Bearbulltraders. Review their trading course outline below to see what they offer:

Bear Bull Traders Review: Trading Course Outline/Syllabus

  • Business Plan: How to Setup your Trading Business Properly
  • Proper Education: Trading in a Real Time Simulator
  • Finding the Proper Stocks in Play and Combat Algorithms and high Frequency Traders
  • Finding the Proper Support and Resistance Levels and Game Plan for Trading
  • Understanding Price Action: Balance of Power Between Buyers and Sellers
  • Understanding Nasdaq Level 2, VWAP, Moving Averages for Day Trading
  • Learning Important Day Trading Strategies
  • Momentum Trading:  Opening Range, Flag and ABCD Pattern Breakouts, VWAP Reversal
  • Trend Trading: Extreme Reversals, VWAP False Breakouts, All Day Holds
  • Trade Management: Entry, Exit, Partial Profit Taking, Stop Loss
  • Risk and Account Management
  • Psychology, Mindfulness, Leadership and Self-Discipline

Andrew founded BBT to create a community of traders who are eager to learn all they can about day trading. You can read more about his strategy and community on the Bear Bull Traders YouTube channel. Andrew Aziz’s day trading strategy is not complicated. He simply uses a few simple pre-market scanners and real-time intra-day scanners to find the best stocks he wants to trade, and often someone in the community might call out a stock in the chatroom and that may lead to a trade.

Andew Aziz has excellent trading money management techniques. He recommends risking only 2% or less of your capital per trade. To explain that a bit better, what it means is that you never risk more than 2% of your capital. Stop loss levels are very tight, but in most cases “mental stops”, not hard stops. The community is very focused on getting out of trades the moment it looks like it won’t work out, instead of holding onto a losing trade. The goal of Bearbulltraders is to ensure that new traders survive, not just be greedy and try to make a lot of money right from the start.

Aziz lives by the motto “keep it simple stupid”. He doesn’t use many complex indicators. Andrew usually relies on simple lines of support and resistance and price action. Sometimes these are moving averages or VWAP indicators.

One of the primary strategies utilized not just by Andrew Aziz, but also the other BBT community members is to buy at support levels and sell as high as possible before the next resistance level. It’s simple, isn’t it?

Here is a sample video review by Andrew Aziz about how the trading day went:


What Do You Get With Bear Bull Traders?

If you hope to become a trader that knows how to trade, how to spot stocks to trade, when and how to enter a trade successfully, and when to cut losses and where to take profits, then you should seriously consider Bear Bull Traders; Review their education resources, chatroom and the community to see if they fit your trading style.

If you’re simply looking for a trading signal service, then this is probably not the community for you. Their focus is on making you an independent and confident trader that can identify and take trades independently from anyone else. Often some of the moderators and Andrew might even trade in opposite directions, and depending on their exact entry and exist levels, both can walk away with profits.

The idea is not to shadow-trade Andrew Aziz and be dependent on him, but to empower you to trade intelligently and successfully for yourself.

Daily Live Chat

Every morning one or two of the moderators review how the market behaved the previous day and scan for trading opportunities before the new trading day starts. You can tune in to YouTube to hear them talk about their favorite stocks, set up their watch list and discuss any relevant news or market conditions. It’s very helpful to hear them discuss why certain stocks may or may not be in play for the day.

During the first hour of trading the trading room is very active, often with numerous different trades happening at the same time. To take advantage of this, give yourself a day or two to get accustomed to how trades are called out. For instance, if one of the moderators say “I’m looking at XYZ”, you should immediately switch to that stock if you’re interested in following their trade, because very soon after that it may be followed up with an “Okay, I’m buying at …” Remember that the primary objective of this trading group is to help you become your own independent trader, with your own patterns, but there’s a lot of opportunity to learn from how the moderators trade.


Andrew Aziz Bear Bull Traders Review Conclusion

Bear Bull Traders costs $99 per month, and for the breadth and depth of training and support they offer, it’s well worth the investment, and you can cancel anytime. There are also options for their Lifetime Membership, with either 12 installments of $199 or a single payment of $1999. They have mentioned that the lifetime membership option might not be available after 2020.

Here are some pricing options and more information about the services they offer.

For me, the most useful aspect highlighted by this Bear Bull Traders review is their training, along with the webinars and daily trading analysis. They also do pre-market and market session commentary every morning which is very useful to get your day started. They create real-time watch lists and discuss stocks via audio. It’s cool because I can listen in the background and if I hear something interesting, I can do my own pre-checking and so on.

The training provided by BBT is quite comprehensive and definitely worthwhile for new traders who want to learn everything there is to know about trading stocks and options!