Phoenix Trading App Review – Phony Trading Scam!


The Phoenix Trading app by William Johnston of the Marshall-Sherman Group is nothing but a phony trading scam that has tried to emulate the success of the Dow Jones Focus Group system. They claim that the phony Phoenix Trading app has been in development for years “in conjunction with leading analysts fromRead More →

• Ultimate4Trading = Ultimate4Scam • Why???


Ultimate4Trading scam has littered the Internet with their multiple sites that all start with Ultimate4Trading, and we have uncovered some red flags that you need to know about! This semi-automated trading system is apparently owned and co-created by John Cross and Abbey Walker-Jones. The problem with this Ultimate4Trading scam systemRead More →

Million Dollar Months: Scam Madness!!!


The Million Dollar Months scam tells you that they can make you $1 million every month trading Binary Options. Do you believe that? If you do, read on, and if you don’t then good for you. If you got this far, you’re probably curious to see why we’re calling Million DollarRead More →

Phenomenal Signal? Phenomenal SignalAutoTrader Scam!


Phenomenal Signal is a new system that doesn’t even seem to really be advertised much currently, but a couple of my subscribers asked me to check it out. So here’s my Phenomenal Signal review of the SignalAutoTrader, hopefully it will help you. There’s a lot about the site thatRead More →

Medallionaire App Trading Fund: Fake Or Legit?


The Medallionaire App Trading Fund is one of those systems that get you really excited when you see their site the first time. But is it for real, or just another Binary Options scam? Read on to see what we’ve found. Official website: Medallionaire App Trading Fund Review Summary Annoying BrowserRead More →

Binary Options ATM: Live Trades Review!


Binary Options ATM is like that great present you got for Christmas wrapped up in brown paper. My live trade results speak for itself! It’s bland and ugly on the outside, but awesome on the inside! Official website: UPDATE: Bumped the account up to $1,181.50 in just over 4 hoursRead More →

Guaranteed Payouts Scam: The Only Review You Should Read


It’s important that you read this Guaranteed Payouts review because it could save you from losing your money. The Guaranteed Payouts scam is just another generic Binary Options system that is out to drain your account, and line their pockets. Official website: The Guaranteed Payouts Scam And Why YouRead More →

Sarah’s Confession Scam: Must-Read Review Reveals Why!


We’ve spent time investigating Sarah’s Confession scam system, and our SLX review has discovered some disturbing facts that you need to know before making a decision to sign up for Sarah’s Confession. Sarah’s Confession Scam And SLX Review Summary Annoying Browser Pop-Ups: No Fake Scarcity Counter: No Paid Actor Testimonials: Yes ImpossibleRead More →

TRENDtrader App Scam Or Legit Trend Trader?


This TREND Trader review will look at this re-launched app by Jonathan Miller. I’ve been told that they took to heart the TREND Trader review comments, and feedback people gave them, improved the TREND Trader software, and now released it again with great success. I must admit that when I first read a TRENDRead More →

24Option Review – Binary Options Broker


24Option is one of the best Binary Options Brokers that you will find. has an excellent reputation and is fully CySEC regulated and authorized. They are owned by Rodeler Limited, and based in Cyprus. Official Website: 24Option Review Summary Regulated: CySEC $250 Minimum Deposit $24 Minimum Trade $100,000 Maximum Trade $10 MinimumRead More →

Platinum Profits SCAM – Worth Your $1,997?


The Platinum Profits scam is one of those Binary Options systems where the website has absolutely nothing to offer you except a lengthy 20 minute video. I guess the Platinum Profits app marketing team decided to just keep on talking, until you give them your email address. Platinum Profits ReviewRead More → Looks Impressive! Scam or Not?


Whenever a new offer like Fast Cash Biz comes along, we are cautious by default. Our review is no different. Our first reaction to this is that is is a scam, but darn, it looks impressive! The site has a number of signals that has really made usRead More →

1 Percent Ticket: 99 Percent Scam!!!


Alrighty, so the 1 Percent Ticket app is a total scam! This is such a typical piece of Binary Options scam software that if you have read some of my reviews, you would have been able to spot this one a mile away by yourself. It has all the hallmarksRead More →

Bayesian Binary Scam: Binary Bunk!!!


Bayesian Binary is a load of bunk! The Bayesian Binary scam system is supposedly based on Thomas Bayes’ theory of probabilities, that lead to the creation of numerous Bayesian methods in the statistical sciences. That’s a good idea, but that’s not what this is. Bayesian Binary Review Summary Annoying Browser Pop-Ups:Read More →