Sydney System, Brit Method, Canuck Method, Toronto System, London System, they’re all the freakin same system, and it gets worse! Take a of couple minutes to read this review first. This Sydney System scam review, nope actually the Brit Method review, oh wait, no it’s the Canuck Method review or is it the Toronto System, took me a long time to prepare.

I apologize in advance already that I’m going to be repeating all of the names that this very scammy Binary Options system uses, please bear with me. I need to do it this way to expose this whole rotten system to as wide an audience as possible, and you can help by spreading the word and linking to this article as well.

Disclosure: We might get a commission fee if you sign up through any of our links.

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Official website for Sydney System, Brit Method, Canuck Method: or

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Official website for Brit Method:

Sydney System scam, Brit Method, Canuck Method

Updated 26 January 2017: The Saffa Method, or Saffa Online Trading Method appears to be showing up again! For some reason I’m also getting dumb comments like people asking how they can know I’m not affiliated with the company I’m promoting. Well, maybe if you read this article you would see I’m NOT promoting the Saffa Method, or whatever it is being called currently! Besides that, I make it very clear that all the links for signups on my site could lead to me getting paid a commission, just read one paragraph up. If you want to talk to me, write me an email, it’s really big and obvious to the right of this article if you’re reading on a desktop or tablet. Some guy is very adamant that I should take his name off this page, except that he doesn’t tell me what his name is, and as far as I’m concerned, the names used for this system are all fake anyway. So, stay away from this system!

Updated 27 March 2016: They’re at it again! This time the whole system just got renamed to the city, so now you get the Sydney System scam and the Toronto System, but it’s all still exactly the same software!

Sydney System Scam Review, Brit Method Review And Also The Canuck Method Review Summary

  • Annoying Browser Pop-Ups: No
  • Fake Scarcity Counter: No
  • Paid Actor Testimonials: Yes
  • Impossible Revenue Gains: Yes
  • Comes Across As Authentic: No
  • Convincing Proof of Profits: No
  • Possibility of Being a Scam: 100%
  • Price: Free. Have to sign up with one of their brokers.
  • Available In: Everywhere

This is what their latest landing page looks like, and as you can see, they’re using the same actress as was previously used by the “Samaritan System” scam.

Sydney System scam

Even the cupboard in the back is the same, this is getting really old! Do they really thing we’re this dumb?

Samaritan System scam

So What’s Up With The Sydney System Scam, Brit Method And Canuck Method?

Nope, it’s not that I’m just so lazy that I’m not bothering to write three different reviews for each of these scams, the problem is that the Sydney System scam, Brit Method, Canuck Method are all the exact same system! The Sydney System scam was launched back in June, so it’s nothing new, but apparently the developers behind the Sydney System scam now decided to troll the rest of the world too, starting with the Brit Method scam and the Canuck Method scam. As if we haven’t already had enough of it in the first place!

The sad thing is that judging by the feedback I’m getting, a lot of people have already fallen for the Sydney System scam, and now a whole lot more are falling for the Brit Method and Canuck Method. If you share this article on your social media sites, we can help a lot of people to stay away from this scam, so do your duty in preventing these scammers from spreading their system like a virus all over the internet by fighting back! You can do that by linking to this post from your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or whatever else you have to link to! It will all help to warn people against the Sydney System scam, Brit Method and Canuck Method.

So why am I so adamant that this is an elaborate scam, well, just take a look at the screen captures below, and tell me what you think:

Sydney System scam review, Brit Method review, Canuck Method review Jake Pertu

The smiling young man in the blue shirt above was originally introduced to us as the creator of the Sydney System scam back in June 2015, and it is as bad now as it was back then. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there, take a look at this.

Sydney System scam review, Brit Method review, Canuck Method review Jason Taylor

Although it’s exactly the same image of the same guy in the same shirt, he suddenly morphs into Jason Taylor from the Brit Method. Do they think we’re that dumb???

Sydney System scam, Brit Method, Canuck Method Jake Mason

When you access the site from Canada, you will be introduced to Jake Mason, the creator of the Canuck Method. If you take a look at the fake signatures, you will even see that the last two have identical ‘J’ and ‘a’ characters, so they even used the same person to make the bogus signatures. Really shameless that they just copied the same image over and over!!!

Saffa Method Aussie Method scam Jake Pertu

Doing an image search on Google yielded a lot of information, and a lot of sites where this same image is used. It also revealed that the Saffa Method can also be added to the growing list of scams that are all one and the same!

The updated name they’re using is “Robert Hockton”, and although he didn’t graduate from college, he tells us that he found a way to make millions with trading Binary Options.

Sydney System scam Robert Hockton

He’s got such a lovely family, you almost want to believe it all, but then if you do a quick Google image search, you find out that it’s just another stock image that is used all over the internet.

Sydney System scam Robert Hockton family

Sydney System Scam, Brit Method, Toronto System Fake Trading

There is yet more to reveal, about how this system is attempting to dupe people to sign up for this atrocious system. Their supposedly live trading results are all just lies, and of course I have proof of it as well.

Aussie Method scam fake trading

When I started with this review, it was early on Sunday morning, and yet the Sydney System scam reported that people that signed up were making money. They also boast that the results have been verified by a third party. What a blatant lie! The markets are closed on Sunday morning, there is nothing you can trade, especially not the wide variety of currencies that are listed here.

Just like they used the same image for Jake Pertu, Jason Taylor and Jake Mason, the Aussie Method, Sydney System scam, Brit Method, Canuck Method, Toronto System and Saffa Method are simply recycling the same bogus trades too.

Aussie Method, Brit Method, Canuck Method, Saffa Method scam

The figures and names randomly change, but the fact remains that they are claiming these results to be live and verified, and it is simply not true!

Sydney System scam, Brit Method, Canuck Method, Saffa Method trading results

I don’t think I need to write one more word to convince you that this whole system is a scam. Just stay away from it, and do you bit by sharing this article with other people so that they will also know to not fall for it.

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