People have been asking me about Algo Master, so in this Algo Master system review we will take an in-depth look into this auto trader. Binary options trading is pretty awesome, but that doesn’t mean all products being peddled as binary options auto traders are necessarily legitimate. It’s unfortunate to see hard-working people lose money because they’re falling for the wrong apps, mostly because they simply don’t know enough about these systems.

Algo Master scam

James Torn, AlgoMaster CEO and creator, has a lot to say about this system, and we will be looking at exactly what he claims his software can do for you. We will be analyzing the statements and help you to come to a conclusion about the Algo Master system. If you are a trader and you are interested in binary options, we will also tell you a bit more about the systems that we trust the most.

James Torn starts his AlgoMaster presentation by showing us stacks of money, telling us that he made $15,000 in the last week and that he will prove to us that it is real. Then we get a fake close-up of his bank account that has clearly been photoshopped or something because you can see the fonts are different where the figures have been typed in.

Algo Master System Seats Limited to 50 People?

We are warned that only 50 people will get access to his secret Algo Master system, and that spots are limited so you must act fast! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that! I could understand if they only take in 50 people per week. There might be some onboarding and training that needs to take place, so it would make sense that the Algo Master system cannot just take in unlimited numbers of new traders all at once. The problem is that James Torn tells us that they will only ever take in 50 people, that doesn’t make sense, does it?

The other thing that I immediately noticed about the Algo Master video, and I’m sure you did too, is that the background to his video is a still image. It has simply been “green screened” and they didn’t even do a good job of it!

AlgoMaster system review

In fact, their copious use of green screening carries on to their so-called testimonials. First up we have Amanda Morrison, and the fake background on her video clip is even worse. I’m not sure what to make of what they were thinking here. Clearly these people are not actually at these locations. Why would James Torn, the CEO of the Algo Master software that is making him so much money need to use a green screen fake background?

Algo Master Review Deep Dive

Thus far this Algo Master review is not looking too good for this system. But sometimes a binary options system can surprise you and actually turn out to be a great system. I’ve seen that with more than one auto trader system in the past that I initially thought would be a complete scam, and then it actually proved to be a pretty good binary options auto-trader! At this point, I’m still casting my vote for it being an Algo Master scam.

James Torn asks us why you? Why were you chosen to be so fortunate to get a special invitation to this Algo Master system? The answer, according to James Torn is that someone really cares about you. That is such utter bull! Not that you don’t have people that care about you, but that you got sent an email from someone you know. You got sent that email with an invite to the Algo Master scam system most likely because you are interested in online trading. That’s fine, I’m also interested in online trading and I get tons of emails about it every day. In fact, I had to virtually abandon one of my accounts because of all the emails I got. That’s when I started looking deeper into binary options trading systems. So it actually helped me, because I started to see patterns to help me distinguish between the good and bad systems. None of them are perfect of course, but some are definitely way better than others!

We are told that the Algo Master system is a very sophisticated system that analyses over 900,000 financial reports every day. It supposedly is also the first algorithmic trading system that uses trading indicators in combination with analysis of financial news reports. That’s simply not true. There are a lot of systems that do exactly that and when you look up the information on this domain you will see that it was created on 5 April 2016!

Algo Master system domain date

Looking at that date when the Algo Master system domain was created, it also makes you wonder how it is possible for the people in the testimonials to have dates on their supposed bank statements going back to 2015? All of this is adding up as overwhelming proof that we’re dealing with an Algo Master scam here.

James Torn tells us that the system opens up a trade in one millionth of a second. That’s really nothing new, since if you think about it all computers operate at speeds like that internally and unless you’re dealing with high speed trading where trades are opened and closed again almost immediately, it does not matter that much.

Sure, you need to be fast on the trigger to get a good entry for your trade on a 60 second trade, but for anything else a millisecond here or there hardly means anything since your trade is only filled on the next tick in any case. In short, what that this Algo Master review is telling you is that there is no substantial evidence to prove this system is not a scam. If they had a bad green screened background, but they had a really good system, I would say it might be worth it. At this point everything is telling me this is a worthless system that is probably just going to help you lose the money you invest.

The examples we are given, both of which were pretty big global economic news events are few and far between. What they are telling us about the Algo Master system is that it basically trades news. They claim it analyses the news very fast and then executes trades based on that. Those types of trades do exist, and financial news like the Non-farm Payroll (NFP) does bag a lot of traders some serious money, but I’m simply not convinced by the Algo Master scam system.

Algo Master System Final Thoughts and Recommendations

We do not recommend that you sign up for the Algo Master scam system, and we also recommend that you un-subscribe from whatever mailing list sent you the information in the first place.

If you are interested in learning more about trading, as well as how to make money trading news events such as the NFP, then I can introduce you to a Facebook trading group that not only trades such news events, but also trades very successfully right throughout the day with ITM (In the Money) rates that have been topping 80% on average for many months now.

If an auto-trading bot is more what you’re looking for, then you’re welcome to take a look at a number of systems that we have carefully selected and tested. Protection Status