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After Trump’s sweeping tax reform, more Americans owed the IRS money

The first year under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was a rude surprise for many workers.

The road to riches is this simple: Drive a crappy car

Buying new cars is like taking $40,000 and setting it on fire.

There may be a dark side to Summer Fridays

More than half of organizations will let employees leave early or take the day off on Fridays this summer, a new survey shows.

5 ways to enjoy a flexible work schedule — without making mortal enemies of your coworkers

In a tight labor market, more employers are offering paid time off and other benefits.

An X-rated wine? This California label goes the risqué route

Its name was inspired by the Eddie Murphy movie ‘Coming to America.’

If you want to be great, take time to disconnect

Most people fail at work/life balance.

Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra could be a ‘red line’ some people won’t cross

Some social-media users regard Mark Zuckerberg’s financial-services ambitions with skepticism.

Is your boss a psychopath?

Leadership consultants talk about how to identify the ‘dark triad’ of psychopathic traits.

I’m engaged to a ‘money monster’ who racks up parking tickets and credit-card debt

‘We have separate finances because I don’t trust her to act prudently financially.’

Monopoly doesn’t use cash anymore — the questionable lesson that teaches kids

In a world of digital payments, parents need to be deliberate in teaching their kids about money.

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Mortgage rates are moving sideways. Will they fall from here?

Rates for home loans were mixed in the most recent week but a big move down lies ahead, if past history is any guide.

Mom-and-pop landlords push investor share of home purchases to 19-year high

The share of homes bought by investors reached its greatest in two decades last year, led by small investors and concentrated east of the Mississippi.

Trump Today: President says 150 people would have died if U.S. struck Iran

President Donald Trump on Friday explained his decision to call off U.S. airstrikes against Iranian targets, saying 150 people would have died and that he’s in “no hurry” for confrontation with Tehran amid rising tensions.

Why gold prices have climbed to their highest since 2013

Dovish statements from global central banks aren’t the only reason for gold’s rise past $1,400 an ounce to levels it hasn’t seen in nearly six years.

Believing all this talk about a stock market bubble can land you in real trouble

S&P 500 gains aren’t large enough to prove the market is overheated, writes Mark Hulbert.

The U.S. stock market is like a drunken party — stay for a while but know when to leave

There’s talk of Dow 29,000 and even 32,000. With low interest rates, high stock prices may be justified, though risks are rising as well.

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