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Your employer gathers more intimate data on you than Amazon, Apple or Facebook

‘We’ll give you a little bit of our data in exchange for a paycheck.’

I’ve taken care of an 85-year-old man for two years — he attempted suicide and now wants to leave me his home

‘I love this man dearly as I have never had a father or grandfather in my life, but he has late-stage dementia.’

What Facebook’s $5 billion fine means for you — and your privacy

When the data of at least 500 users is compromised, the company has 30 days from the time of discovery to tell the FTC.

A quintessentially British pink gin — made from rhubarb and strawberries

The concept dates back to the 19th Century when bitters were added to traditional gins to give them flavor.

FDA warns teens against ‘epidemic of addiction’ — amid revelation that Juul representatives visited high schools

A new FDA TV advertisement warns, ‘Teens who vape are more likely to start smoking cigarettes.’

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Trump calls second-quarter growth ‘not bad’ and denies tariff relief to Apple

President Donald Trump said Friday he welcomed economic growth in the second quarter even as the government said it slowed, and tweeted that Apple won’t get a waiver for certain parts made in China. Ahead of trade talks with China, he also pressed the World Trade Organization to change how it defines developing nations.

Five things to watch from next week’s crucial Fed meeting

Here are five things to watch from next week’s crucial Fed meeting.

Here’s why the soft GDP report is a head fake and the economy actually had its best growth in a year

GDP can be distorted by accounting entries that can make good news seem bad, and vice versa, writes Rex Nutting. What counts most is spending.

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