Here are must-read articles from MarketWatch to help you save for, and live, in retirement, as well as investing and consumer finance topics.

1. Steps to take as you plan for, and begin, your retirement

Kicking off MarketWatch’s Best New Ideas in Retirement series, Jonathan Burton provides a detailed plan on how to prepare psychologically for life after your career ends.

2. A magic number for retirement saving and investing

Here’s a way to simplify a critical concept for building financial independence in the face of financial-industry complications.

3. An innovative way to be prepared for in-home long-term care

It is logical to prefer to receive long-term care at home, but preparing for it can be complicated, and long-term-care insurance may not get the job done. Here’s a new way you or a loved one can prepare and pay for long-term care at home.

4. Investing in Tesla with lower risk


TSLA, -2.49%

 bonds may be better investments than the shares for those who believe the electric-car maker will survive. Here’s a way to profit on Tesla if the stock pops or sinks to zero.

5. China’s long game

Ivan Martchev describes a monetary “silver bullet” and a cynical strategy on trade that China’s government may be following.

6. Planning a financial life together after a wedding

It is wedding season. Here are ways you or those you care about can prepare for the financial side of marriage to prevent problems later on.

7. Tips for investors from a successful money manager

Index funds are great, but some investors still prefer to have their own portfolios of stocks. Here’s advice for them from Kevin Landis of Firsthand Capital Management.

8. Small changes that improve investment returns

Value investing is out of fashion, for the simple reason that growth strategies have worked so well for investors following the 2008 financial crisis. But the data show that over the very long term, index fund investors have benefited significantly from value-oriented strategies.

9. Here’s something else global warming is blamed for

Young people ask why they should save for retirement if an apocalypse is coming.

10. Buy cheap land — and build a cheap home with Amazon’s help

Plus, free shipping!

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